Study „Energy from the earth's interior: Deep geothermal energy as the energy source of the future?“
Decision support for coping with supply shortfalls
Multi-stage and regional-scale characterisation of potential CO2 storage formations with particular focus on brine migration risks – an integrated natural and social science approach
Fachdialoge DELIberative DemoKratie: Analysis of participative methods for the transition process
Citizen and public participation in the development of the integrated energy and climate protection concept of Baden-Wuerttemberg
Social, public, economic and political acceptance of measures for optimizing electric efficiency of private households and energy consumers in small businesses in the EWE catchment area
Citizen Participation for Planning the New Stuttgart Main Station
Innovative Concepts and Technologies for the Separate Treatment of Wastewater from Health Care Facilities
Towards sustainable food research
Is a national park in the northern Black Forest possible and useful? Requirements for assessment
Perception of fusion energy among selected sections of the population
Annotated Bibliography of Stakeholder Participation Manuals
Citizen participation and acceptance of public large-scale projects: Learning for the future. A dialogue between politics, science and the public.
Learning about sustainability - Children shaping the future
Improving the decision-making process for non-prescription drugs: A framework for risk-benefit assessment
Food and Health Research in Europe
Risk-benefit perception and conflict awareness of the Goliat oil field development in the Barent Sea
Subproject: Societal risk discourses and options of public participation
Experimental systems for children