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Decision support for coping with supply shortfalls

Brief description

The reliable supply with foods is a basic need of the general public. The food industry is highly interconnected, at the vertical and horizontal level. There are interdependencies of food supply with further critical infrastructures such as traffic, energy supply or telecommunications. Due to this complex network structure experts warn against the fast spreading of the effects to other areas in case of a breakdown.

An efficient and effective risk management system therefore should contribute to both avoiding and reducing possible effects of a potential supply shortfall. Against this background it is the aim of the project to improve the reliability of the food supply for the citizens. Actors in authorities and enterprises shall be supported in case of a supply shortfall by means of appropriate tools of decision making. This shall be achieved by increasing transparency within the food supply chain in Germany, analysis of relevant supply shortfall scenarios as well as the development of diverse decision support tools with regard to crisis- and risk-management.

The project will develop a simulation based decision support system. Concepts and experimental implementations of decision support system based on scenarios and logistical simulations will be produced by which reactions and actions in case of supply shortfalls can be shaped. By means of integrating scenarios fundamental insecurities beyond the classical methods of risk analysis can be considered.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK, as subcontractor, will produce insights into risk perception concerning food supply shortfalls and tailor-made information for successful communication with regard to specific situations. Local conditions will be taken into account as civil society is assumed to react differently in different places. Furthermore, the project results will be evaluated and refined in a realistic framework.

Project partners

  • Technical University of Darmstadt, Supply Chain- and Networkmanagement (SCNM)
  • 4flow AG, Berlin
  • Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technology (KIT-IKET), Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
  • Institute for Industry Business Operations and Industrial Production (KIT-IIP), Karlsruhe
  • Institute for Economic Policy and Economic Research (KIT-IWW), Professorial Chair Network Economics, Karlsruhe