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Evaluation of the IdeenPark 2012

Brief description

ThyssenKrupp’s ‘IdeenPark’ represents one of the biggest mobile science presentations respectively technology fairs in the world. The IdeenPark unites many sponsors and institutions which explicitly focus on arousing interest in technology and not to serve the house-advertising of companies and exhibitors.

The IdeenPark is aimed at raising enthusiasm for technology and innovation, supporting technological creativity and demonstrating the importance of technological innovations for the future. The fair is thematically arranged. It includes workshops (for instance the ‘IdeenBox’) and offers activities regarding specific thematic fields or the transfer of practical experience.

In 2012 the IdeenPark will take place in Essen, after having been carried out in Gelsenkirchen, Hannover and Stuttgart. In the course of the project „Improving young people’s interest in natural sciences and technology” (MoMoTech) the research team of the University of Stuttgart and DIALOGIK already conducted the evaluation of the IdeenPark 2008 in Stuttgart. Building on this experience the team will also evaluate the IdeenPark 2012.

DIALOGIK contribution

  • Standardized questionnaire for at least 1,500 visitors of the IdeenPark • In-depth interviews with 15 visitors
  • Standardized questionnaire for the day-trainees of the IdeenBox (in written form and as an online survey)
  • Online survey for partners/exhibitors
  • A scientific final report