We are a non-profit and third-party-funded research corporation

DIALOGIK is a non-profit research institute organized in the legal form of a limited liability company and based in Stuttgart, the capital of the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg. As a non-profit company DIALOGIK provides knowledge and expertise to all interested parties and makes its research results public. DIALOGIK is financed exclusively by third-party funds. Its projects are funded by the European Commission, the German Research Foundation (DFG), federal and State ministries, higher federal authorities, public and private foundations, and other grant authorities and clients (references).

Three shareholders run DIALOGIK

DIALOGIK is collectively managed by Professor Ortwin Renn (Director), Ms Agnes Lampke (Managing Director) and  Dr. Rainer Kuhn (Scientific Director and authorized signatory). The management team and DIALOGIK as a whole orient their research activities to the principles of safeguarding good scientific practice. Ortwin Renn, Agnes Lampke and Rainer Kuhn are the shareholders of DIALOGIK. DIALOGIK was established in June 2003 by Professor Renn and Dr. Hans-Peter Meister.

Our research team is highly qualified and multidisciplinary

DIALOGIK employs highly skilled scientific staff (full time or part time researchers of which almost half hold a doctorate) and graduate and undergraduate student assistants. The disciplinary backgrounds of the employees range from sociology, political science, administrative science, communication science to geography, biology, agricultural sciences and environmental sciences. Several staff members are certified mediators.

We have built up a strong network with partners from Germany and abroad

Projects are usually carried out in cooperation with external partners, often from various countries. For this purpose DIALOGIK has built up an active network with partner institutes mainly in Europe but also Japan and the United States. In Germany, DIALOGIK is partner in networks such as Network Participation Research Baden-Württemberg (Netzwerk Beteiligungsforschung Baden-Württemberg) and MediationAlliance Baden-Württemberg (MediationsAllianz Baden-Württemberg).

We offer a learning platform for professional experience

DIALOGIK offers students an attractive field of activity in which they can achieve own work experience and at the same time intensify their scientific education. Employed in research projects as undergraduate or graduate student assistants (with bachelor or master degrees) students gain first experiences in the academic world and in research that is relevant for policy and wider society.