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Experimental systems for children

Brief description

Over the past years leaders from politics and economy have initiated and developed projects to encourage interest in technology and natural sciences and bring it closer to children and youths. Although in Germany the number of first year students in these subjects is growing, the support of such interests remains a society relevant topic.

The Regional Foundation Baden-Württemberg is becoming involved with a strengthening of dialogue between science and society in various ways. This is particularly in relation to the encouragement of interest in technology and natural sciences of children and young persons.

For the same purpose the programme “SCOUT Science Outlined” is aimed at innovative and sustainable projects designed to impart knowledge of natural science and technology to children and young persons. In this programme the Regional Foundation starts the call for tenders “MINT-Box”. Object of the call are innovative, creative and exciting ideas for experimental systems, which impart themes in technology and natural sciences for children and youths.

Non-profit corporations and public corporations located in Baden-Württemberg are entitled to participate. A jury of independent experts will examine and evaluate the submitted project applications. In order to carry out the programme up to 170.000 Euros are available. It is planned to support up to 10 projects.

DIALOGIK contribution

The Regional Foundation consigned DIALOGIK to coordinate “MINT-Box”.