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Towards sustainable food research

Brief description

INPROFOOD – “Towards inclusive research programming for sustainable food innovations” deals with the question of whether food innovation can be directed in a more sustainable and healthy way. Food and health is a highly complex societal challenge. There is a multitude of often interrelated factors shaping food consumption patterns and the effects resulting from these consumption behaviors on the health of the individual. Social discourse among research institutions, industry and civil society is therefore to be considered as a basic prerequisite for moving towards a reliable and socially robust vision of what food and technological innovations could contribute to dealing with this Grand Challenge – and where innovative social measures should be given priority or be closely connected with technological innovations.

The main objective of INPROFOOD is to promote the bottom-up development of concepts (processes and structures) of societal engagement in research on the development and use of (technological) innovation for promoting health via food. In order to reach this goal, different types of interactive events have been organized in which partners from the different actor groups have been asked to express and develop their specific perspectives and preferences and to enter into mutual exchange on these perspectives and preferences with a view to developing a shared vision and starting concrete initiatives in more inclusive food and health research (Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan on societal challenges).

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK chairs Workpackage 3 “Mobilising stimulus, ideas and initiatives through a „European Open Space Conference” on „Food and Health Research 2020“, which took place in Brussels Belgium in November 2013. It has organized three “European Awareness Scenario Workshops” in Bonn, Berlin and Stuttgart-Hohenheim in Germany which brought together actors with various perspectives including NGOs and representatives from research and industry. Furthermore DIALOGIK contributed to WP1 “Mapping current processes of research programming in the area of food and health” and WP4 “Action Plan development” both relatedto the German country case.

Project partners

Within the INPROFOOD project consortium 18 partners from 13 European countries collaborate.