Improving young people’s interest in natural sciences and technology
Commercial real estate pool Hesse: Establishing Intercommunity Industrial Zones in The State of Hesse Via Round Tables
Evaluation of the European Citizens’ Panel
Evaluation of the Project “European Citizens’ Consultation”
Different Perspectives of Risk Communication Actors
Building Robust, Integrative, Interdisciplinary Governance Models for Emerging and Existing Risks
Evaluation of the recommendation of the Council for Sustainable Development for the "30 ha target"
Regional Industrial Real Estate Pool Neckar-Alb
Innovative measures for the resolution of siting conflicts on the mobile phone base stations
Development of methods for evaluating risk communication
Workshop on „risk communication for upper federal authorities”
Operationalization of the “risk maturity model” with special consideration to lifestyle and value approaches as a basis for risk communication in the field of radiation protection
Water supply and wastewater in megacities of tomorrow - Concepts for Metropolitan Lima (Perú) and elsewhere (LiWa)
German-Japanese Forum on Risk Management and Communication about Mobile EMF
External Evaluation of the Project “Meeting of Minds” (European Citizen’s Deliberation on Brain Science)
Sustainable improvement of the natural scientific and technological competences of children and young persons
Identification and measurement of social indicators for the sustainability of selected Swiss electric power systems
Programme to train science communicators in Japan and Germany
Novel Methods for Integrated Risk Assessment of Cumulative Stressors in Europe
Towards a consumer oriented TA Concept
Survey of the knowledge and effect of information activities in the field of mobile telephone systems and design of further approaches to improve information of different sections of the population
Monitoring Foresight Activities in Europe and Fostering their European Dimension
Basic Concepts of Risk Characterisation and Risk Governance
Promoting Food Safety through a New Integrated Risk Analysis Approach for Foods