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Food and Health Research in Europe

Brief description

FAHRE is a so-called ‘support action’ funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP 7). The main objectives of the project are to support research in the areas of nutrition, food and health in Europe, to promote cooperation between those involved in European research in these areas (including governmental, industry and civil society organizations), and to help strengthening the European Research Area (ERA). This shall be achieved by:

  • making it possible to design better funding instruments
  • improving mutual transparency
  • ensuring closer cooperation between disciplines
  • reducing duplication
  • combining efforts to build up critical mass, and, as a consequence,
  • increasing competitiveness by promoting national, regional and innovative clusters.

In order to meet these objectives a map of 30 countries (27 EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and a database will be developed.

Further information: Final Report Summary

DIALOGIK contribution

The main task of DIALOGIK is to lead work package 3 which is entitled ‘Strategy Development’ and devoted to the coordination of the development of suggestions for appropriate measures for achieving the ERA goals in terms of food and health research. The suggestions will be based upon the 30 country reports and consultation and dialogue with key actors in this multidisciplinary research field from whom feedback will be gathered on the project’s analysis of needs, gaps and overlaps. Furthermore, DIALOGIK is in charge of the German case study.

Project partners

  • Euroquality SARL, France (Angéline Serre, Olivier Chartier)
  • University College London, UK (Mark McCarthy)
  • Skalbes, Latvia (Dace Beinare)
  • Università Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy (Claudio Colosio)
  • Institutet foer Livesmedel och Bioteknik AB (SIK), Sweden (Lilia Ahrné, Ingela Lindbom)