Evaluation der Girls' Day Akademie Bayern
Inventory, demand and required actions regarding energy research in Baden-Württemberg
Social, public, economic and political acceptance of measures for optimizing electric efficiency of private households and energy consumers in small businesses in the EWE catchment area
Food and Health Research in Europe
Experimental systems for children
Speeding up the transfer of results from technically oriented basic research projects for future use by abstraction regardless of discipline
Energiespiel Energetika 2010
small heads - big ideas
Civil Society for sustainability
Youth Forum „We harvest, what we sow“
Barometer for Improving the Interest of Young People in Science and Technology
Development and evaluation of a discourse-based procedure aimed at enabling adolescents to reason about the ethical, legal, and social problems entailed by predictive genetic testing in the domains of work and insurance.
Evaluation of School-Engineer Academy
Project Analysis of TEchnology Transfer
Improving young people’s interest in natural sciences and technology
Sustainable improvement of the natural scientific and technological competences of children and young persons
Monitoring Foresight Activities in Europe and Fostering their European Dimension
Public Understanding of Science and Humanities