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Systemic conflict analysis using scenario techniques. Understanding and anticipating societal conflicts and their interactions in the energy transition and developing possible solutions.

Brief description

SyKonaS addresses the existing research gap of a systemic and prospective consideration of social conflicts of the energy transition. Research to date has been limited to local case studies. As a result, a shift of conflicts - in time, space or to other actors - due to energy policy frameworks and singular solution instruments often remains unrecognized. The scenario-based approach, on the other hand, focuses on the interactions between conflicts at different levels of the transformation process on the one hand, and the institutional, technical, economic and legal framework conditions on the other (conflict lines). With the help of four different disciplines (economics, social sciences, law and engineering) it is analysed which conflicts are inherent in prominent energy scenarios. SyKonaS thereby provides a methodology to make systemic barriers to an energy system transformation transparent and thus supports energy system modelers to integrate insights on societal conflicts in different energy transition paths. It also proposes concrete solutions that can be directly connected to the concerns of relevant practice actors.

DIALOGIK contribution

The sub-project of DIALOGIK pursues these scientific work objectives:

  • Eliciting knowledge and perspectives from practice actors (energy industry, especially the Renewable Energies Sector, organized civil society, politics and administration, policy-supporting organizations) for a plausibilization, sharpening or adaptation of preliminary descriptions of central conflicts / conflict areas in the 95% emission reduction scenarios and accompanying the integration of feedback from practice actors into the further development of the conflict descriptions.
  • Eliciting knowledge and perspectives of practice actors for plausibilization, sharpening or adaptation of a preliminary portfolio of conflict resolution tools and strategies and accompanying the integration of feedback from practice actors in the further development of the portfolio of conflict resolution tools and strategies.
  • Preparation of central findings on conflict resolution strategies in a policy brief for practice actors; working title: "Energy transition: Understanding, Anticipating, Actively Addressing Societal Conflicts."
  • Communicating the results achieved in the energy system analysis community in cooperation with the collaborative partners.

Methodologically, primarily dialog-based practice-science workshops are used.

Project partners

  • Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Risiko- und Innovationsforschung, Universität Stuttgart (ZIRIUS)
  • Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
  • Stiftung Umweltenergierecht