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Barometer for Improving the Interest of Young People in Science and Technology

Brief description

NaBaTech offers a continuous monitoring exercise for estimating and forecasting the demand for and supply of young professionals in engineering and hard sciences. The acronym stands for professional barometer as an analogue to providing an objective yardstick for evaluating the present and future situation. Furthermore, the project will systematically survey students and young professionals about their perceptions of science and technology and, in particular, the perceived career opportunities and the subjective attractiveness of these subject areas. The surveys will include students of secondary schools, university students, teachers and professors, employed and unemployed engineers, and personal manager in companies. These broad investigations will allow the team to conduct sophisticated analytic comparisons of experiences and expectations, images and facts.

The imprinting by individual socialisation and the experiences of biographical careers will also be studied. The main objective of this project is to understand the intrinsic motivation of young people with respect to their choice of majors in college and university and to gain a better insight in their decision making when crucial choices about future careers are made. Finally, the project will suggest new approaches to improve counselling and advisories for assisting young people in making these choices.

Project partners

  • acatech
  • VDI
  • University of Stuttgart