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Analysis of the peer-2-peer marketing of electricity and development of a balancing group management 2.0

Brief description

Balancing group management is the central coordination element for ensuring the quarter-hourly balancing of electricity from load/sales and generation/purchases. All electricity consumers and electricity feeders are organised in balancing groups, for each of which a balancing group manager bears economic responsibility.

If fundamental changes occur in the energy system - for example due to new (post-EEG) marketing concepts and market participants of energy - it is essential to examine the effects on balancing group management and compatibility with it.

The central objective of the research project BKM_2.0 is to develop methodological, regulatory and technical solutions for the linkage and adaptation processes between "classic balancing group management" and innovative energy trading processes - such as peer-to-peer energy trading - based on the digitalisation of the energy supply system.

DIALOGIK contribution

Dialogik, as a subcontractor of the Offenburg University, will support the project partners in defining scenarios for the dissemination of new market structures. Whether peer-2-peer marketing of electricity will establish itself as a relevant form of trading depends on its design and various variables that shape the market, such as the regulatory framework but also the acceptance of market participants. For an analysis of the interactions of these variables and for the determination of consistent scenarios, the method of the Cross-Impact Balance Analysis (CIB) is used, which can take into account both qualitative and quantitative factors.

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
  • Oxygen Technologies GmbH (Oxygen)
  • Südwestdeutsche Stromhandels GmbH (SWS)
  • Aschaffenburger Versorgungs GmbH (AVG)
  • Offenburg University