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Diversity educates. Shaping participation holistically

Brief description

The aim of the project is a holistic diversity orientation of the university. A special focus is layed on creating a comprehensive diversity-sensitive teaching-learning atmosphere and diversity-oriented staff recruitment and development. Another focus is on training students who are able to reduce discrimination potential in their careers and, in the case of student teachers, to teach in a diversity-sensitive and inclusive way.

DIALOGIK contribution

  • Quantitative online survey of university members to ascertain diversity characteristics and the status of the university's diversity orientation
  • Qualitative guideline interviews with the rectorate, the deaneries, the human resources department, representatives for equality, equal opportunities, disability/disadvantage compensation, representatives of the staff council, the examinations office, the international office, the student secretariat and the heads of the institutes to ascertain level- and department-specific experiences and to gain insights into potential for development
  • Focus groups with students and teachers

Project partners

University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd (Coordination)