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Knowledge and sustainability II

Youth Forum „We harvest, what we sow“

Brief description

Organization and performance of the „Jugendforum“ on 3 March 2010 at Friedrich-Eugens-Gymnasium in Stuttgart: This event aimed to be a meeting place and exchange platform for students at the age of 14 and older, who are engaged or interested in the field of sustainable development. Students presented their projects in the field of sustainable development, being examples and representations of how young persons may take delight in the dedication to and work on the subject.

The “Jugendforum” informed students about activities in the field of sustainable develop-ment in Baden-Württemberg, facilitated to get into contact with each other and, in doing so, advanced the commitment and networking of young people. The event was also intended to provide a forum where new project ideas could be initiated and young people be motivated to play a part in this field. 18 projects were presented at the event which reached over 380 young persons. An intensive communication has got started and will last beyond the “Jugendforum”.