Energy, sustainability, resource efficiency in IT and computing centers
MONARES - Monitoring adaptation measures and climate resilience in cities - Phase 2
Scenario-based multi-risk assessment in the Andes region
The future of sector coupling on a communal level – co-creating, evaluating and acting
Fighting pandemics with enhanced risk communication
Target group specific risk communication requirements during a long-lasting COVID-19 crisis.
NANOtechnology RIsk GOvernance
REconciling sCience, Innovation and Precaution through Engagement of Stakeholders
Multi-risk analysis and information system components for the Andes region
MONARES – Monitoring adaptation measures and climate resilience in cities
New Emscher Mobility - Developing Integrative Scenarios towards a Sustainable Mobility in the Ruhr Valley
Concept "Societal Dialogue Bioeconomy"
Performance testing, calibration and implementation of a next generation system-of-systems Risk Governance Framework for nanomaterials
Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science
Bioeconomy as a socio-technical implementation challenge: framework and requirements for "Good Governance"
Foresight Tools for Responding to Cascading Effects in a Crisis
Participatory shaping of consumer-oriented innovations for smart grids
Decision support for coping with supply shortfalls
Multi-stage and regional-scale characterisation of potential CO2 storage formations with particular focus on brine migration risks – an integrated natural and social science approach
Innovative Concepts and Technologies for the Separate Treatment of Wastewater from Health Care Facilities
Improving the decision-making process for non-prescription drugs: A framework for risk-benefit assessment
Sound Exposure and Risk Assessment of Wireless Network Devices
Development and application of a standardized methodology for the PROspective SUstaInability assessment of TEchnologies.
Social Capacity Building For Natural Hazards: Toward More Resilient Societies
Risk assessment and regulation of functional food: European strategies for balancing food safety and nutritional goals
Secure IT-Based Disaster Management System to Protect and Rescue People
Environmental Risk Governance of the Baltic Sea
Public Information Response After Terrorist Events
Risk Governance of Bioenergy
Risk governance strategies for nanotechnology applications in food and cosmetics - for the International Risk Governance Council / Geneva
European network of information sources for an identification system of emerging mycotoxins in wheat based supply chains
Different Perspectives of Risk Communication Actors
Building Robust, Integrative, Interdisciplinary Governance Models for Emerging and Existing Risks
Development of methods for evaluating risk communication
Water supply and wastewater in megacities of tomorrow - Concepts for Metropolitan Lima (Perú) and elsewhere (LiWa)
Towards a consumer oriented TA Concept
Basic Concepts of Risk Characterisation and Risk Governance
Promoting Food Safety through a New Integrated Risk Analysis Approach for Foods
Systemic Risks and Sustainability: Review of interdisciplinary risk research
Safety assessment of food contact paper and board