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Good Governance "Bioeconomy"

Bioeconomy as a socio-technical implementation challenge: framework and requirements for "Good Governance"

Brief description

Main objective of the project is to comparatively analyse the bioeconomic research topics "lignocellulose" and "biogas" concerning their governance structure and implementation requirements. Both research topics are encouraged within the current bioeconomic research strategy of Baden-Wurttemberg. In the field of biogas production a value chain oriented approach is applied considering substrate production and supply, conversion processing and the use of biogas products. In the field of "lignocellulose" similarly production, conversion and usage of lignocellulose containing products both for chemical and energy related purposes will be analysed. Both case study approaches consider economic, environmental, ethical and social impacts. Besides impact assessment, we will analyse diffusion and implementation requirements and success factors in order to elaborate policy recommendations on how to improve the political framework and reduce implementation risks. Taking a comparative approach allows us to recommend a detailed policy design based on case-study specifics and singularities.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK is on its own responsible for coordination and implementation of the project.