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Energy, sustainability, resource efficiency in IT and computing centers

Brief description

In order to assess the effects of increasing digitization on energy and resource consumption in Baden-Württemberg comprehensively and qualitatively, the ENRICH research project is examining the latest developments in the field of information technologies and computing centers in terms of resource efficiency and their sustainability potential.

The innovation-driven speed of hardware and application development of computing systems has been increasing intensively for decades. The increasing complexity of technologies raises the level of measures for sustainable improvement of environmental performance in many regards. To this end, ENRICH will examine the latest megatrends in IT technologies, sustainable procurement, and the development of various energy efficiency measures as examples. The integration of the user perspective is the most important means of creating intuitiveness to ensure that the solutions benefit people despite increased complexity.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK leads work package 4, which deals with the user perspective of megatrends of digitization as well as the operational level of digital infrastructures.

Project partners

  • University of Stuttgart, High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) (coordinator)
  • University of Stuttgart, Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use
  • Ulm University