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EMF Workshop

German-Japanese Forum on Risk Management and Communication about Mobile EMF

Brief description

Risks of mobile EMF are perceived differently in local and national contexts. Especially since the late the 1990s, local protest movements against the construction of mobile base stations are on increase in different parts of the worlds like German, Japan and the UK. What are the reasons for this protest and how can risk managers deal with the protest? How can the results of risk assessments be communicated to a wider public and in which form should the uncertainties and ambiguities associated with EMF risks be included in communication efforts? These questions were at the heart of a joint symposium. Speakers included regulators, mobile operators and researchers from Germany, Japan and the UK.

The principal objective of the forum was to initiate a learning process between the Japanese and the European scientists and communication specialists about issues vis-à-vis mobile EMF. More concretely, this symposium addressed the issues of public perception of mobile EMF in the international context; presented a number of important issues of risk management and communication in relation to possible health risks of EMF; and exchanged ideas in terms of science information, management approach (such as precaution), consumer education and public involvement.