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Commercial real estate pool Hesse: Establishing Intercommunity Industrial Zones in The State of Hesse Via Round Tables

Brief description

As part of the EU task to promote regional development the regional council of Giessen has assigned DIALOGIK to organize and moderate round tables to negotiate pools of land for industrial development. Mayors of communities in the central region of the state of Hesse negotiate an agreement to share risks and proceeds of site development for industrial settlement. Mayors of about 100 communities have decided to take part in one of four different regional pools. Combining the efforts to merchandise the pooled industrial real estates means that the communities do not compete against each other; rather will all of them benefit as soon as land of one of the participating communities is sold. Aside from the economic advantage for the region as a whole, there is also an ecological benefit: The investors' demand is more easily met by a combined supply of all participating authorities than by the supply of one isolated authority; as municipal authorities that compete for rare investors will strive to optimize their supplies, eventually there will be less land developed (and ecologically wasted) in one pooled than in multiple scattered site developments.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK is leader of subproject (work package) 2, „Review“: the major tasks of this subproject are:

DIALOGIK moderates the round tables with scientific competence and using mediation techniques. The project is innovative as its regulatory framework is to be designed by the members of the round table in the absence of standards and paradigms. Rules are negotiated for economically and ecologically evaluating the available land. Historical, landscape-related, and economical and aspects differ among the four pool regions and therefore the agreements - which will eventually have to pass the respective community councils - need to meet the specific requirements of each pool, leading to a high practicability and acceptability among the population.

Project partners

  • Regional Council of Giessen