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Risk Communication

Workshop on „risk communication for upper federal authorities”

Brief description

The handling of complex and integrated risks constitutes an indispensible element of today’s governance processes. A significant part of the complexities of risks results from the communication betweeen the policy-makers, the scientific community, affected social groups and the general public.

In the context of  the “action program of health and environment (APUG)” a multistage method of risk communication - named “EriK”- has been developed on behalf of the Federal Office of Environment (UBA) and the Federal Department of Risk Assessment (BfR). This method is addressed to the upper federal authorities and aims at the improvement of the public understanding of  political decision-making. In addition, it offers practical guidelines on how to include the experiences and the moral attitudes of all parties in decision-making process. An effective management of these processes is vitally important to all authorities evaluating, assessing and/or managing risks.

In order to communicate and share the hitherto existing insights, Dialogik in corporation with the Federal Department of Risk Assessment (BfR) will organise a two-day workshop for risk communication based on the EriK method. The workshop will also provide a space for the exchange of experiences and the chance to launch a risk communication network connecting the different federal departments.

Further information: Report "ERiK – Entwicklung eines mehrstufigen Verfahrens der Risikokommunikation"