Risk communication – What are the communication barriers between stakeholders?

On 18 February 2021, DIALOGIK moderated the second meeting of the virtual dialogue process of the RIESGOS project with 50 participants from Peru. At the event stakeholders from the risk management area worked together on solutions to overcome barriers in risk communication.

The work package "Risk Communication" of the RIESGOS research project investigates the challenges for risk communication in multi-risk situations triggered by natural hazards. In Peru, for example, this can be an earthquake that triggers a tsunami, which has further cascading effects, including damage on buildings and infrastructure.

In a first virtual meeting in November 2020, the barriers in risk communication were worked out together with the participants. The ideas that were discussed now ranged from legal and procedural to dialogue-based approaches. The priority was on communication between public authorities and between the public and the private sector, while the recommendations focussed, among others, on trust building and mutual learning for successful risk communication.

RIESGOS Online-Meeting