Christian D. León

Christian D. León

Research Associate and Project Leader


+49 711 3585 2165
leon [at]

Current projects

Completed projects (selection)

Professional focus

  • Risk communication in the field of natural hazards
  • Conception and implementation of participatory methods
  • Moderation of participation processes and stakeholder dialogues
  • Scenario development and analysis
  • Coordination of inter- and transdisciplinary projects
  • Thematic focus: Sustainable development, water resources management
  • Regional focus: Latin America

Professional experience and qualifications

  • 2019 Mediator training
  • Since 2017 research associate at DIALOGIK
  • Since 2009 research associate at the Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies at the University of Stuttgart (ZIRIUS)
  • 2002-2008 Director of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Council for Sustainable Development (NBBW)
  • 1998-2002 research associate at the Center of Technology Assessment in Baden-Wuerttemberg (TA-Akademie)
  • 1997 Master (Diploma) of Agricultural Sciences with focus in economics and society at the University of Hohenheim

Selected publications

  • Greiving, S.; Fleischhauer, M.; León, C.D.; Schödl, L.; Wachinger, G.; Quintana Miralles, I.K.; Prado Larraín, B. (2021): Participatory Assessment of Multi Risks in Urban Regions – The Case of Critical Infrastructures in Metropolitan Lima. Sustainability 2021, 13, 2813. DOI: 10.3390/su13052813
  • León, C. & Kosow, H. (2019): Wasserknappheit in Megastädten am Beispiel Lima. In: Lozán, J. L., Breckle, S.-W., Grassl, H., Kuttler, W. & Matzarakis, A. (Hrsg.). Warnsignal Klima: Die Städte. pp. 182-187. Online:
  • Schütze, M., Seidel, J., Chamorro, A. & León C. (2019): Integrated modelling of a megacity water system – The application of a transdisciplinary approach to the Lima metropolitan area. Journal of Hydrology 573, June 2019, 983-993. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.03.045
  • Schoepfer, E., Lauterjung, J., Kreibich, H., Rakowsky, N., Krautblatter, M., Straub, D., Stasch, C., Jäger, S., Knauer, K., Greiving, S., León, C., Spahn, H., Riedlinger, T. (2018): Research towards improved management of natural disasters including strategies to reduce cascading effects. EGU General Assembly 2018, Vol. 20, EGU2018-14801.
  • Schoepfer, E., Geiß, C., Lauterjung, J., Rakowsky, N., Krautblatter, M., Straub, D., Stasch, C., Jäger, S., Knauer, K., Greiving, S., León, C., Spahn, H., Riedlinger, T. (2018): From single-hazard to multi-hazard risk assessment including the analysis of dynamic exposure and vulnerability aimed at the modelling of cascading effects. Paper presented to the International Conference on Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World, Potsdam, 5 Oct 2018.