A new book about participation in planning processes has been published

The basis of an informed discourse is mediation and participation. This requires an interaction between experts and citizens where diverging beliefs, values, fears, and interests of all participants (as authorities, city planning, environmental groups, NGOs, and citizens) come to the table. The participation process must merge with the political planning process to ensure the recommendations  - as an outcome of the participation process –  matter. Success factors can be shown from international studies and various environmental conflict resolutions in Germany. Ultimately, the aim is to create increased trust between citizens and planning experts to improve the facilitation process of establishing new projects as city development, renewable energy facilities or natural protected areas. The editors Gisela Wachinger, Sarah-Kristina Wist, André Schaffrin and Johanna Goder have compiled a new practical guideline for successful participation. It is available in German only and can be ordered at the Kohlhammer publishing house (10 €).

Book cover