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Sustainable organization of land utilization and energy supply at regional level. Implementation for the model region Kreis Ahrweiler

Brief description

EnAHRgie develops a practical method to involve a broad array of various actors for the organisation of sustainable land utilization in the administrative district of Ahrweiler. The district serves as a model. The focus for the sustainable land utilization is the energy supply. The project's approach is to include the local public into this process to attain a solid implementation on various levels. Scientists of fields such as sustainable land utilization, organization of decentralized energy systems, governance and participation work together with practically experienced people from administration, regional politics and regional energy providers.

DIALOGIK contribution

Within EnAHRgie the DIALOGIK-Team is in charge of the work package "participation and decision process". In this work package the conditions of successful participation and innovation communication in the complex socio-technical process of the energy turnaround is analysed. Knowledge about main conditions for successful participation is an important contribution for the generalizability of the project results and therefore important for the whole project.

Project partners

  • IfaS - Trier University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Applied Material Flow Management
  • Ie3 - TU Dortmund University, Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics
  • RUR - TU Dortmund University, Dept. of Land-Use Planning and Environmental Law
  • Difu - German Institute of Urbanism
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT
  • FFU - Freie Universität Berlin, Environmental Policy Research Centre