Precaution for Responsible Innovation: European Policy Workshop of the EU-project RECIPES

On February 22 and 23, the RECIPES project has held the European Policy Workshop “Precaution for responsible innovation”. The purpose of the 2-day-workshop (online) was to review a pre-final version of the RECIPES guidance on how to ensure the ability of the precautionary principle to drive responsible innovation. The workshop brought together 25 invited experts from EU and national policy-making institutions, European and national agencies, EU policy support organizations and bodies, scholars of science and technology governance, and similar experts. The participants were asked to comment on the clarity, argumentative strength and policy relevance of the guidance and to brainstorm on the exploitation of the document. The workshop was hosted by DIALOGIK and moderated by Dr. Marion Dreyer. The workshop participants have provided the RECIPES team with valuable input and inspiring information and ideas on how to improve the guidance. The main outcome of the event will be summarized in a workshop documentation and made available via the RECIPES website. The finalised guidance will be presented at the dissemination conference of RECIPES (May 11th, Brussels, hybrid format).