The EU-project RECIPES has published its first Policy Brief on precaution and innovation

"Precaution and Innovation: Exploring Collaboratively a Significant Relationship" is the title of the first Policy Brief of the EU-project RECIPES which has recently been published and edited by DIALOGIK. The Policy Brief compiles the main findings of the RECIPES stock-taking report on the application of the precautionary principle (PP) from 2000 to 2019 and the launch of the term ‘innovation principle’ in 2013. The Policy Brief sets out amongst others that: The emergence of an innovation principle at the European level has triggered discussions around precaution and innovation; the relevance of the PP is clear at all levels (international, EU, national); the fact that the PP is not formalized in a uniform way in international and national jurisdictions is viewed differently (flexible use vs. lack of legal certainty); in contrast to the PP, an innovation principle does not exist in EU legislation and currently cannot be found in any of the Member States’ legal orders; there are current efforts and initiatives to given an innovation principle a role in the context of law.

RECIPES Policy Brief Cover