Positionspapier für eine stärkere Einbindung von RRI in Horizont Europa

Numerous EU-funded projects on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), amongst them the PROSO-project which was coordinated by DIALOGIK, signed a Joint Declaration subsequent to the “Pathways to Transformation” conference in June 2019. At this conference, leading RRI researchers and practitioners, together with policy makers and stakeholder organisations, discussed the state-of-the-art and future perspectives for RRI. Many of the conference participants expressed their concern about an uncertain future for RRI in the EC. In the Joint Declaration, the EU-funded RRI projects urge the European Commission to make RRI a key objective of the upcoming framework programme (Horizon Europe) – a plea to both mainstream the approach across the programme and provide specific resources for strengthening the RRI knowledge basis. As the Horizon Europe programme is being forged, the Declaration has been refined and published in order to present it to a broader audience: Gerber, A. et al. 2020, Joint declaration on mainstreaming RRI across Horizon Europe, Journal of Responsible Innovation, DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2020.1764837.