Pilot project „NETZlabor (GRIDlab) Hydrogen-Island“ tackles the renewable energy storage problem

With the "Hydrogen-Island" (Wasserstoff-Insel) Netze BW, the largest  distribution grid operator in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, has started an innovative flagship project for the energy transition (Energiewende). DIALOGIK supports as a subcontractor to Netze BW with citizen information and dialogue events and reaching out to the public. The aim of the Netze BW-project is to demonstrate that hydrogen amounts of up to 30% by volume are already today technically possible in large parts of the gas supply. In the test phase of the project, a defined local area in the city of Öhringen will be separated from the existing gas network and supplied independently, more or less like an island within the gas grid - the "Hydrogen-Island".