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NETZlabor (GRIDlab) Hydrogen-Island

NETZlabor Hydrogen-Island for the storage of renewable energies

Brief description

With the "Hydrogen-Island" (Wasserstoff-Insel) Netze BW, the largest  distribution grid operator in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, has started an innovative flagship project for the energy transition (Energiewende). Sustainable key technologies which can already be used today will be tested in the city of Öhringen in Baden-Württemberg. In a local area, the hydrogen share in the natural gas network is gradually increased to up to 30 percent. The area will be separated from the existing gas network and supplied independently, more or less like an island within the gas grid - the "Hydrogen-Island". The hydrogen required for this is generated using a climate-friendly electrolyzer. The test phase of the multi-year project is planned to start at the end of 2020 within the own property of Netze BW on Meisterhausstrasse in Öhringen. The testing will then be extended to neighboring streets and houses.

The aim of the Netze BW-project is to demonstrate that hydrogen amounts of up to 30% by volume are already today technically possible in large parts of the gas supply. The project follows a two-stage process:

  • Phase 1: Demonstration of successively increasing hydrogen amounts of up to 30 vol.-% in Netze BW’s own property
  • Phase 2: Demonstration of successively increasing hydrogen amounts of up to 30 vol.-% in neighboring streets and houses

The demonstration also aims to develop a billing process for a mixed gas supply for long-term usage.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK supports as a subcontractor to Netze BW the kick-off information and dialogue event with citizens of Öhringen in November 2019 and advises the next process phases of the project in regard to further dialogue events to be carried out in Öhringen. DIALOGIK assists generally in reaching out to the public.