New policy brief on precaution and innovation in the EU RECIPES-project published

“Precaution and Innovation: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Future Application of the Precautionary Principle” is the title of the new RECIPES policy brief, edited by DIALOGIK. The stakeholder perspectives that the policy brief presents were collected in a year-long stakeholder engagement process, organized by RECIPES partner The Danish Board of Technology Foundation. In this engagement process, the RECIPES research team asked a range of stakeholders to identify specific needs that in their view would need to be addressed in order to assure that the application of the precautionary principle encourages innovation and promotes that precaution is a driving force in shaping and guiding innovation towards societally desirable goals. The reader of the policy brief can expect to learn about (1) the needs of a selected, but relevant group of stakeholders pertaining to the precautionary principle and its relation to innovation; (2) the proceedings in RECIPES that have emerged on the basis of findings from the needs assessment; and (3) some insights into the expressed demands, agreements and conflicts that appear in the discussion on the precautionary principle and innovation.