Launch of virtual stakeholder dialogue process on multi-risk communication in Peru

The metropolitan region of Lima in Peru is exposed to many natural hazards such as tsunamis, earthquakes and landslides. These usually do not occur isolated, but have complex interactions and corresponding consequences (domino or cascading effects) for buildings, infrastructure and population. In risk management, the consideration of multi-risks is therefore of particular importance.

DIALOGIK develops recommendations for communicating multi-risks and dealing with cascade effects in Peru. As part of the RIESGOS research project, DIALOGIK has developed a virtual dialogue process in collaboration with the planning company plan + risk consult, which builds on the results of a stakeholder workshop in Lima in November 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the follow-up workshop in March 2020 could not take place. Therefore, the second phase of the dialogue process is now starting in the form of an online survey. The addressees are all actors in Peru who are involved in risk management in a professional context. The next step is to hold online meetings to work out proposals for improving risk communication and to develop recommendations with local actors.