Integrated Policy Package Assessment in the field of urban mobility: open-access-publication

Another journal publication resulted from the Kopernikus-project “Energy Transition Navigation System” (in short: ENavi). Findings of work on urban mobility policies have been published in the journal Energy, Sustainability and Society. The results were generated in the ENavi-research focus "Decarbonization of Transport", in which DIALOGIK was also active. The German energy transition is first and foremost based on political decisions and interventions. The paper argues that these decisions need to be assessed ex ante to ensure a good governance approach to energy policies. For this it presents the Integrated Policy Package Assessment approach (IPPA) which consists of four steps: design, assessment, evaluation and discourse. The results section illustrates the IPPA framework by applying it to urban passenger transport as an example case. The discussion and conclusion sections outline the main findings relating to content and process aspects, when applying the IPPA framework to a policy package in urban transport.

Scheer, D., Dreyer, M., Schmidt, M., Schmieder, L. & Arnold, A. (2022). The Integrated Policy Package Assessment approach: elaborating ex ante knowledge in the field of urban mobility. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 12, 36.

IPPA article