Guidance on risk communication in the COVID-19-pandemic published

The guidance on risk communication, which DIALOGIK created as part of the BMBF-funded project RiCoRT, is now available as an open access publication. The title of the guidance is "Risk communication for infection-protective behavior in a long-lasting pandemic. Guidance using the COVID-19-pandemic as an example". The document highlights that, in addition to knowledge, norms and values are important reference points for risk communication in the COVID-19-pandemic. The guidance highlights a number of particular challenges that risk communication faces in communicating knowledge concerning infection risks on the one hand and norms and values concerning risk protection behavior on the other, and presents recommendations for risk communication that seek to address these challenges. Using the example of young adults, it shows target group-specific challenges in this respect and gives recommendations for risk communication related to this target group.

RiCoRT-Praxishilfe Cover