Energy transition and social conflicts: Kick-off of the new project SyKonaS

On April 30, 2021, the kick-off of the BMWi-funded project SyKonaS - Systemic Conflict Analysis using Scenario Techniques took place. DIALOGIK is a project partner in SyKonaS, which is coordinated by ZIRIUS (University of Stuttgart). The project addresses the existing research gap of a systemic and prospective view of societal conflicts of the energy transition. The scenario-based approach focuses on the interactions between conflicts on different levels of the transformation process on the one hand, and the institutional, technical, economic and legal framework conditions on the other hand (conflict lines) and develops concrete conflict resolution strategies that are connectable to the concerns of relevant practice actors. DIALOGIK will produce insights into the experiential, context-and process-related knowledge of practice actors regarding energy transition conflicts, which is a valuable resource for developing not only theoretically-conceptually coherent, but also practically implementable conflict resolution proposals. Dialogue-based practice-science workshops are used for this purpose in particular.