Dr. Piet Sellke

Certified mediator
Piet Sellke

Head of section Risk


+49 176 2284 6463
sellke [at] dialogik-expert.de

Current projects

Completed projects (selection)

  • Evaluation of European Citizens’ Panel
  • Risk Governance of European Critical Infrastructures in the ICT and Energy Sector
  • PIRATE: Public Information Response after Terrorist Events
  • PROSUITE: Development and application of a standardized methodology for the prospective sustainability assessment of technologies
  • CIED Phase I: Effective Risk Communication for the Improvised Explosive Device Threat
  • Risk Governance in the Baltic Sea
  • Risk Governance of Emerging Risks
  • Citizen Panel S21
  • Energy Survey Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Fortress, Foresight tools for cascading events in crisis

Professional focus

  • Moderation and mediation in stakeholder discourses
  • Risk research in the areas of terrorism, security, critical infrastructures
  • Risk communication and risk perception
  • Risk Governance

Professional experience and qualifications

  • Since 2004 Researcher at the University of Stuttgart
  • Since 2006 Researcher and project leader at Dialogik
  • 2015 Certification as Mediator
  • Since 2015 teaching position at the Technical University of Vienna
  • Since 2016 Section Head Risk Research with Dialogik

Selected publications

  • Sellke, P. / Cornelisse, C. / Renn, O. (2007): European Citizens‘ Panel: Final Report of the External Evaluation. Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Risiko- und Nachhaltigkeitsforschung.
  • Sellke, P. / Renn, O. (2011): Risiko Governance in einer komplexen Welt. In: Groß, M. (Hrsg.): Handbuch Umweltsoziologie. Wiesbaden, VS-Verlag.
  • Sellke, P. / Renn, O. (2010): Risk, Society and Environmental Policy: Risk Governance in a Complex World. In: Gross, M. / Heinrichs, H. (eds): Environmental Sociology: European Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Challenges. Springer.