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Participation on Energy Concept

Expert and Civic Participation on Energy Concept

Brief description

Against the background of climate change, increasing energy costs and the struggle for a sustainable handling of natural resources, the cities of Ludwigsburg and Rottenburg of the German state of Baden-Württemberg have decided to develop an integrated energy- and climate protection concept. The process of developing this concept is aimed at defining the regional objectives and the most efficient measures to achieve those objectives. The concept shall contain the aspects of heating, electricity and mobility with regard to energy efficiency and climate protection.

Both of the cities commissioned the Institute for Energiewirtschaft und rationelle Energieanwendung at Stuttgart University to develop a catalogue of measures for reducing carbon-emissions adjusted to the specific local conditions. DIALOGIK accompanies the whole process by developing and implementing the public participation concept. To achieve a successful implementation, the measures need to be supported by the public. That is why DIALOGIK carries out public participation in this context, involving experts, stakeholder and citizens. The aim is to identify measures providing high practicability, efficiency, effectivity, acceptance and sustainability. The specific participatory methods, such as round tables or public fora, will be chosen in consultation with the municipal administration of the two cities, taking into account the specific local conditions.

Project partners

  • IER, Universität Stuttgart