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Climate protection - do it yourself

Addressing people's own initiative for climate protection

Brief description

The educational programme "Climate protection - do it yourself" is intended to encourage people to take the initiative for climate protection and to promote the learning and testing of manual and technical-electronic solutions for concrete climate protection measures in their own living environment.

The programme focuses on the “maker scene” in Baden-Württemberg and combines this with climate protection actions. For example, the programme teaches DIY solutions for energy saving and energy efficiency through educational measures. The funded projects aim to impart technical and craft knowledge and skills. These enable people to build solutions for use themselves at home.

The use, further development and testing of existing do-it-yourself teaching materials will be addressed in the call for proposals, as will projects that aim to develop new teaching and course materials for local climate protection. 

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK takes the role of the project management and coordinates the two-stage competition, organises the network meetings and the expert meeting, and advises participants from Baden-Württemberg during the concept and application phase.

Project partners

Close cooperation between Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Württemberg and DIALOGIK