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Effective Risk Communications for the Improvised Explosive Device Threat

Brief description

DHS's (Department of Homeland Security, USA) Science and Technology Directorate is researching and developing communication plans and programs for use by first responders, government officials, civic leaders and others to inform citizens about threats, preparations and responses relating to imminent or actual attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The project looks at IED/terrorism-related communication practices, both domestically and internationally, and the benefits and challenges associated with using Web 2.0 digital communications methods such as cell phones, PDAs and social networking sites. This effort includes a conference convening late fall 2010 to examine communication alternatives and develop guidelines for framing hazard and risk warnings. The result of the research effort and conference will be an IED communications guide for government officials, civic leaders and first responders.

DIALOGIK contribution

Investigating communication practices and means in India, Indonesia, Israel, UK and Spain at a community level for prevention and dealing with IED attacks. DIALOGIK conducts desktop research and qualitative interviews with key-personnel in the selected countries.

Project partners

  • Department of Homeland Security, USA