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Irrigation Forecast Baden-Württemberg - An interactive information and planning tool for visualization and balancing of the agricultural irrigation needs because of climate change

Brief description

In order to balance and visualize the future water needs of agricultural plants in Baden-Wuerttemberg the project BeProBW aims at developing an interactive information and planning tool. This tool shall be developed together with experts that are interested in the issue and/or that will use the instrument for their planning and consulting activities. The tool shall help to forecaste irrigation measures such as the increase of flow rates and transport and storage capacities. It shall also take into account more resource efficient measures, for example the drip irrigation or the adaption of crops to climate change. The regional main focus will be on the regions Upper Rhine and Lake Constance and the axis Heilbronn-Ludwigsburg-Esslingen.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK designs and organizes the dialogue between the project team and external experts. This includes interviews and workshops in order to meet the requirements concerning planning and consulting activities of the experts.

Project partners

  • terra fusca ing. PartG Stuttgart
  • geomer GmbH Heidelberg
  • Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Gartenbau Heidelberg
  • Institut für Landtechnik, Universität Hohenheim