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Mine shaft ASSE II – Evaluating public relations of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) concerning ASSE

Brief description

The final disposal and intermediate storage of low-level and medium-level radioactive nuclear waste is a controversial issue. The issue is even more salient in the case of the mine shaft ASSE II. From 1967 to 1978 approximately 126.000 barrel with low-level and medium-level radioactive waste were placed into stock. By now the mine shaft is at risk to collapse, a parliamentary investigation committee is dealing with ASSE II, and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has recommended to relocate the nuclear waste.

The project will at two points in time evaluate the public relations of the BfS and in so doing will be able to show how evaluation develops. After the first citizens’ survey we will identify topics and procedures which extend and complete the offer of information and organize the information activities in a way that is more related to citizen information needs. Besides these quantitative surveys we will also use qualitative methods including guided interviews. Finally, we will provide a concept for improving public relations of the BfS on a sustained basis.