Webinar: How blind and visually impaired people can co-create innovations

The LIV_IN project invites interested people from all sectors to the following webinar in May:

How can blind and visually impaired people co-create innovations?

Webinar on May, 25th 2021, 4pm CEST

Two case studies will be used to discuss how co-creation between experts and citizens works and why it is worth considering inclusive innovations with blind and visually impaired people. In addition, the “7 practical points” for facilitating a workshop with this specific target group will be presented.

Other exciting topics of the workshop:

1) How to set up and facilitate workshops for blind and visually impaired people
2) Co-Creation and Design Thinking Methods for this specific target group
3) How future innovation processes can be implemented and what the advantages are of doing just that

The webinar will be moderated by DialogikDIALOGIK.

The webinar will take place via Zoom. To ensure accessibility, we will send you instructions on how to use Zoom via keyboard shortcuts or telephone 24 hours before the event.


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