The local community and green hydrogen. A second impression from a stakeholder perspective.

Hydrogen (H2) produced with renewable energy is a key technology for a low-CO2 supply of electricity, heat and mobility. However, there are still many technical, economic and social challenges to be solved before green hydrogen can become a mainstay of a renewable energy system. With the H2-Wyhlen project, a "real laboratory of the energy transition" will be launched on January 1, 2021 with the aim of developing an overall economic concept for the use of green hydrogen.

The assessment of regional stakeholders is of particular importance here. For this reason, a series of interviews was conducted with local stakeholders for the second time. The questions revolved around perception and communication in the project H2-Wyhlen as well as its potential for improvement and future prospects. The results have now been summarized in a report and published on the project website.