Marion Meyers receives GAIA Masters Student Paper Award

The international journal GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society invites Masters students to participate in the GAIA Masters Student Paper Award. Masters students are encouraged to submit their results from research-based courses or Masters theses in the field of transdisciplinary environmental and sustainability science. Every year, one article will be selected by a jury as the winner of the GAIA Masters Student Paper Award. The Award is endowed by Selbach Environmental Foundation and DIALOGIK.

Marion Meyers receives the award for her contribution »A Conviviality Perspective on Machine Learning. Discussing the Appropriateness of Artificial Intelligence to a Degrowth Context.« Marion Meyers holds a Bachelor's degree in Data Science from Maastricht University and a Master's degree in Science, Technology and Policy from ETH Zurich. Her main interest is to use her technical background to promote social and environmental justice in the discourse around digital technologies.

The Award jury commends her contribution for its thought-provoking content and boldness in connecting the critical yet often disparate topics of degrowth and machine learning / artificial intelligence. Its interdisciplinary approach and novel perspectives make it a deserving recipient of the award.