LIV_IN: Webinar on Internet of Things

Which Internet of Things (IoT) solutions really improve daily life? And how can co-creation help address the needs of potential users? Find out in our webinar, hostet by the LIV_IN project:

IoT - Predictable technologies for messy lives?
July 18, 2019 at 11:00 CEST

IoT solutions frequently assume that our daily lives are based on predictable routines. However, life at home is frequently improvised and messy. In late June 2019 Telefonica (Spain) holds a workshop on IoT in daily life. This webinar provides first hand insights and results from this workshop. Join us for a discussion on

  • how to better understand everyday needs and practices
  • how to give people more control over their lives, rather than just more devices
  • what kind of IoT solutions make a difference on life at home
  • Experts in webinar: Luis Galindo, Head Executive of Innovation 2.0 at Telefonica and Rainer Kuhn, Research Associate and Project Leader, DIALOGIK

This webinar is one in a row. There’s more to come.


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