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Citizen participation in the development of the Bicycle Traffic Plan of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Brief description

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the German Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg (MVI) intends to perform a broad citizen participation process in the development of the Bicycle Traffic Plan of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (RadSTRATEGIE). The Bicycle Traffic Plan provides the conceptual and strategic basis for the development and promotion of cycling in Baden-Wuerttemberg for the coming years. It is intended as a strategy paper for decision-makers and specialists. Citizens shall be actively involved in the development of the objectives and measures of the RadSTRATEGIE.

The participation process consists of three phases:

  1. Concept phase: Creation of a participation concept.
  2. Input phase: Moderated thematic workshops and qualitative surveys in the context of different (bike) events.
  3. Dialogue phase: In regional thematic workshops the results from the input stage are presented, supplemented and evaluated.

DIALOGIK contribution

DIALOGIK is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the interviews.

Project partners

  • ufit, umweltforschungsinstitut tübingen GbR (project coordination)
  • Integrata-Stiftung für humane Nutzung der Informationstechnologie (partner for the online survey)