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Monitoring Foresight

Monitoring Foresight Activities in Europe and Fostering their European Dimension

Brief description

The Foresight-Project is funded by the Directorate General Research of the European Commission and has the following objectives:

  • to establish and maintain a comprehensive, international Foresight Monitoring Network, which brings together prominent Foresight experts and analysts and is carried on for two years first, with a possible prolongation of two more years;
  • to present the results of the Monitoring by regularly appearing Foresight Information Letters and comprehensive Annual Reports;
  • to make out annually a nationwide General Map of Foresight activities, which is available electronically as well as in printed version;
  • to identify and assess developing key topics for the future EU science, technology and innovation policy and to work on these topics in annual workshops with representatives of the European Commission and external experts;
  • to establish and maintain a comprehensive CORDIS-compatible system for information management and presentation, in order to summarize and work up the project’s results electronically and non-electronically and to put them at the disposal of everybody.

Project partners

The project is carried out by an international team of Foresight experts from eight European countries. The experts work for ten of the leading European institutes and consultancy companies in the fields of science and technology policy research.