Improving the decision-making process for non-prescription drugs: A framework for risk-benefit assessment
Food and Health Research in Europe
Risk-benefit perception and conflict awareness of the Goliat oil field development in the Barent Sea
Subproject: Societal risk discourses and options of public participation
Experimental systems for children
Effective Risk Communications for the Improvised Explosive Device Threat
Policy addressing climate change and learning about consumer behaviour and everyday life
Speeding up the transfer of results from technically oriented basic research projects for future use by abstraction regardless of discipline
Sound Exposure and Risk Assessment of Wireless Network Devices
Mine shaft ASSE II – Evaluating public relations of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) concerning ASSE
Energiespiel Energetika 2010
small heads - big ideas
Development and application of a standardized methodology for the PROspective SUstaInability assessment of TEchnologies.
Expert and Civic Participation on Energy Concept
Individual emergency planning in Germany: Emergency case at hand?
Social Capacity Building For Natural Hazards: Toward More Resilient Societies
Risk assessment and regulation of functional food: European strategies for balancing food safety and nutritional goals
Secure IT-Based Disaster Management System to Protect and Rescue People
Civil Society for sustainability
Youth Forum „We harvest, what we sow“
Environmental Risk Governance of the Baltic Sea
Public Information Response After Terrorist Events
Judgement and Knowledge in Fisheries Involving Stakeholders
Barometer for Improving the Interest of Young People in Science and Technology